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Food Production
  • Deep insight into the service industry and different organization structures, along with exploration roles, duties and responsibilities to promote better understanding of teamwork and staff coordination
  • Occupational health and safety practices in kitchen
  • Learn to utilize cooking-related information technology tools
  • Legal knowledge relating to hotel business and employee rights
  • Principles and tips in cooking, plating, food presentation, and creating great guest experiences
  • Manage ingredients and kitchen tools, as well as learning tips in buying, using, and storing ingredients to reduce food waste
  • Learn to observe food trends in different periods and health trends for the better menu design, value-add, and customer attraction
  • Hands-on practice in all kitchens including hot kitchen, cold kitchen, and bakery, as well as event catering simulation
  • Bakery and dessert presentation
  • Experience real restaurant management procedures and simulations
  • Basics of cost calculation, price setting, and quality control in food preparation for efficient management
  • English and Chinese language classes focusing on kitchen vocabularies to meet the need of current markets
  • Kitchen training at Regent Cha-am Beach Resort
  • Kitchen training at leading hotels countrywide
  • Ministry of Labor’s Occupational Skill Standard test for Thai food cooks in order to expand job opportunities abroad

2 Months In School Study

1 Month
On The Job Training
1 Month
In School Study

3 Months Internship

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